Our Approach

Northill was established in the mid 1990’s as a London based property development business focused on creating value from converting largely redundant commercial property in into some of the first loft apartments in Central London.

Today, Northill focuses on new build residential projects of up to 50 units in up-and-coming parts of the wider City Fringe and inner London Boroughs.

Northill has also undertaken a number of high-end residential developments in prime Central London.

Our Management Strategy

Northill’s management team is focused on:

  • Identification of properties where value can be added
  • Project delivery and cost control
  • By adding value through our planning, design and funding strategies,
  • Technical expertise, construction management and resource procurement from over 30 years of experience.

Our acquisition strategy is aimed at the parts of London that combine:

  • Good transport links into central London
  • Demand from affluent local residents
  • Demographic change

We target performance by adding value through planning and design strategies.

We focus on cost management through rigorous budgetary control and by assessing potential problems at an early stage, by standardising our procurement procedures and carefully selecting professional teams.

Our Partners

We specialise in developing in partnership with existing landowners both through Joint Ventures and profit sharing structures and improving the returns available for our Partners through our Management Strategy.